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FELLAS is an Ethereum token that was born out of the Fellas community. The goal of FELLAS is to get more people to involve into crypto-world and make an easy use of it with social media channels. In this regard, we have reserved 2,5 billion tokens just for airdrop. In the future, we plan to make a good and useful chat application (i.e., people will chat anonymously) available on app stores and integrated to social network platforms like Facebook.

We would like to add smart contract features to our application, allowing our fellas to design/customize/execute their business logic in the FELLAS ecosystem. Moreover, we would like to organize airdrops to give FELLAS tokens to the people who uses the application intensively. People will be chatting and earning money proportional to their contribution to the ecosystem. By doing so, many new fellas are expected to join to our crypto ecosystem, creating a stronger community with great potential added value. Our spread word is “Get Some FELLAS!”.

FELLAS was created by two coders and two business men.

Token Details

FELLAS can be used within the social network platforms as a mean to transfer value between users, i.e., making payments, sending donations, and leaving tips. In other words, one can use FELLAS ecosystem to financially interact with friends/connections living in different countries and buy items on social media. For instance, John from Australia has a friend named Kate who lives in US. They are friends on Facebook and John owes Kate some money. He could use PayPal, a global remittance company, a SWIFT transfer, or another centralized method, but these options are slow and cost a lot of money. With FELLAS token, John can easily send funds to her/his friend instantly with the tap of his finger while interacting with them on a social network. Kate will receive the funds within order of seconds.

Token Allocation

So far the management teams behind many cryptocurrencies have been unclear about the percentage of tokens that they held, sometimes many of them holding majority of the available supply. In contrast, the FELLAS management team possesses 5% of the total supply. The goal of publishing this kind of share information is to create transparency, as well as protecting the fellas from a market collapse due to managers selling off their tokens. 30% of tokens will be on sale for 2 satoshi on ForkDelta via initial coin offering (ICO). After we get enough resources and fellas to get listed on a big crypto exchange (and if we only manage to sell half of %30), we plan to burn tokens that are not sold. The resource of sales will be used for listing on new exchanges. Since one of our first target is to get listed on a big exchange, we will be leveraging our market control power to keep the price stable in general (and higher price after every new exchange).


(August 2018 - December 2019)



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(Social Media Manager)

(The Advocate)

(Market Controller)


(Market Controller)